Tim Lewis

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Professor of Mathematics

1 Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616


  • PhD ()


Certain types of neural activity in the brain are correlated with particular behaviors and cognitive processes. The different types of neural activity include synchronous firing of neurons, persistent neural activity, and oscillatory activity. The goal of our research is to understand how intrinsic properties of neurons and the connectivity between neurons give rise to these activities. In doing so, we hope to provide insight into the functions and dysfunctions of neural systems.

We combine mathematical analysis of idealized models with numerical simulations of more biophysically realistic models. The idealized models help to uncover the basic mechanisms underlying the neural activity, whereas the biophysical models allow for direct comparison to experimental data. Collaboration with experimentalists is an essential part of work.

Our recent work has focused on the effects of synaptic connectivity, electrical coupling and correlated input on synchrony in populations of cortical interneurons.