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In Memoriam: Karim Najm, CMB Undergraduate Researcher – Miller Lab

The parents of Karim Najm, who for the past two and a half years was a distinguished undergraduate researcher in the CMB in the Miller Lab, have established a student research award in his name. Contributions can be made via the link in the page below.

Karim Najm portrait

Karim Majdi Abou Najm Memorial Undergraduate Student Research Award

UCD: Teen Girls’ Brains React to Rejection

Everyone ruminates about the bad things that happen to them. Whether it’s a nasty breakup, an embarrassing failure or simply when someone is mean, it can be hard to stop thinking about what happened and why. For people who ruminate too much, this negative thought pattern can cause lasting problems with mental health.

$900K NSF Grant to Help Researchers Probe the Cognitive Brain Mechanisms Behind Free Will

Funded by a three-year $900,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, Distinguished Professor George R. Mangun, director of the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, is launching a project to better understand the cognitive mechanisms behind realistic voluntary attention, or attention directed by an individual’s free will. The project will be conducted in collaboration with engineering colleagues at the University of Florida.