Director Mangun stands in front of a wall of photos
Dr. George (Ron) Mangun, Director of the CMB, in front of the Photo Wall in the Center for Mind and Brain Conference Room

Director's Message

The human mind represents complexity and mystery on a scale unrivaled by any other biological or physical structure, and understanding the mind remains one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Established in 2002, the Center for Mind and Brain (CMB) is a campuswide, interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to addressing this challenge.

Our approach is to integrate the neurosciences with psychology, cognitive science and the broader social sciences, in order to reveal the nature of thought, knowledge and consciousness. Using this comprehensive and synergistic approach, our scientists study infants, children and adults, including those with disabilities involving the brain and behavior, to explore the mind.

Embedded in one of the most dynamic mind and brain communities in the US, the CMB pursues research hand-in-hand with the training of undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral trainees. Via a rich program of public lectures, workshops and conferences, our scholars disseminate new findings about the human mind to society at large, thereby informing decision making, and shaping public policy.

We invite you to join us in our mission of discovery at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain.