Joy Geng

Joy Geng Portrait

Position Title

Room 173
267 Cousteau Place, Davis CA 95618


  • Ph.D., Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.A., Psychology, Cornell University


Research Focus

Professor Geng’s research focuses on how goal-directed and sensory-driven information are integrated to determine what we perceive. The purpose of her work is to understand the mechanisms of attentional control that flexibly balance the ability to select task-relevant information and suppress irrelevant distractors. She is interested in both the neural and cognitive processes involved and use fMRI and eye-tracking combined with response time and accuracy measurements.


Integrated Attention Lab (Geng)


Geng, J.J., Won, B., Carlisle, N.B. (2019). Distractor ignoring: strategies, learning, and passive filtering. Current Directions in Psychological Science

Geng, J.J. and Witkowski, P. (2019). Template-to-distractor distinctiveness regulates visual search efficiency. Current Opinion in Psychology, 29:119-125

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Behrmann, M., Geng, J.J., and Shomstein, S. (2004). Parietal cortex and attention. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 14:212-217


Professor Geng teaches in the areas of Cognitive Neuroscience, Perception and Current Research in Psychology.