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Taylor Hayes' Article Honored

A paper by Taylor Hayes, a post-doctoral scholar in the Visual Cognition Lab, has been selected by the Psychonomic Society as a 2016 best article.
Taylor Hayes' Article Honored

Taylor Hayes

Hayes was selected to receive a Clifford T. Morgan Best Article Award for the year's best paper in the journal Behavior Research Methods.

He will receive the $1,000 award at the Psychonomic Society's annual meeting in Boston in November. 

The article, Mapping and correcting the influence of gaze position on pupil size measurements, reported findings from Hayes' doctoral research at Ohio State University. Co-author on the paper is Alexander Petrov, a cognitive scientist at Ohio State.

After earning his Ph.D. in 2015, Hayes joined John Henderson's Visual Cognition Lab, where he studies individual differences in scene viewing with eye movements and pupilometry.