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Lee Miller Answers the Yanny-Laurel Question

NPR turns to Center for Mind and Brain neuroscientist for an expert analysis.

After the internet erupted in a dispute over what name is said in an audio clip, National Public Radio hosts Ari Shapiro and Audie Cornish asked Associate Professor Lee Miller to settle the question: "So which is it, Yanny or Laurel?" 

Miller, a neuroscientist with the Center for Mind and Brain and UC Davis' Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, explained why different people hear the computer-generated voice saying different words. 

"We don't really experience the world as it is, but we experience our brain's best guess," he said. "And the cues that we get from the world are often more ambiguous than we realize."

Listen to the interview, or read the transcript, to find out who he says is hearing the word wrong. 

And Britt Yazel, a doctoral student who works in Miller's lab, was a source in a Popular Science article on the Yanny vs. Laurel question.