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Guyer co-edits special section of journal Child Development

Issue focuses on the developing brain from infancy through teens.

Amanda Guyer, associate director of the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain co-edited a special section of the journal Child Development on the developing brain.

The May/June 2018 issue looks at the multiple and rapid changes that human brains go through in infancy, childhood and adolescence.

The 11 research articles in the special section document two core conclusions, Guyer and co-editors write in the introductory Opportunities for Neurodevelopmental Plasticity From Infancy Through Early Adulthood:

  • The brain changes that underlie cognitive and behavioral development are not limited to narrow windows in time, but are evident from infancy into early adulthood.
  • The changes are unique to the challenges and needs of the growing child, and are influenced by their environment.

While the journal requires a subscription to read, two of the special section articles—one on infant visual attention and the other on reward sensitivity and brain development in teens and young adults — are available for free online access. Other articles will become open access within a year because the research received federal funding.