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CMB research leads to new FDA-approved treatment for severe depression

Working as a part of a multi-site team, Dr. Guohua Xia and his lab at the CMB have conducted a clinical trial showing that a new type of brain stimulation is effective in treating severe depression.

The treatment uses a new variety of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), in which a coil outside the head delivers magnetic pulses that stimulate the underlying brain tissue.  The new TMS system (Brainsway) uses a special stimulator that can reach more deeply into the brain than previous systems.  This is a safe and painless technique for brain stimulation.

Dr. Xia's research shows that this new treatment is effective at treating depression, even in patients who do not respond to conventional antidepressant medications. This is a real breakthrough for millions of people worldwide who suffer from depression but do not get relief from medications.  In addition, it does not have the side effects of antidepressant medications.

Now that this treatment is approved by the FDA, Dr. Xia has opened a clinic that provides this treatment as a part of regular care for depression patients in the Davis/Sacramento area.  More information can be found at the clinic's web site: http://www.brainefit.com

We are excited that the CMB's unique combination of basic science and clinical/translational research has led to this important new treatment.  Dr. Xia will be continuing his research in an effort to improve the effectiveness of the treatment and to assess its effects on a broader range of mental health conditions.