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Exploring the Mind Speaker Series 2014-2015

Adam Gazzaley (UC San Francisco)

Harnessing Neuroplasticity of the Older Brain to Enhance Cognition

Adam Gazzaley (UC San Francisco) - Read More…

Daphne Maurer (McMaster University)

Critical Periods Re-examined: Evidence from Children Treated for Dense Cataracts

Daphne Maurer (McMaster University) - Read More…

Gerry Altmann (University of Connecticut)

Representing Objects Across Time: Language - Mediated Event Representation

Gerry Altmann (University of Connecticut) - Read More…

Jonathan Schooler (UC Santa Barbara)

The Middle Way: Finding the Balance between Mindfulness and Mindwandering

Jonathan Schooler (UC Santa Barbara) - Read More…

Mind and Brain Poster Day

Poster presentations and Michael S. Gazzaniga Best Trainee Poster Prize

Mind and Brain Poster Day - Read More…

Peter Tse (Dartmouth University).

Chunking of Visual Features in Space and Time: Behavioral and Neuronal Mechanisms

Peter Tse (Dartmouth University). - Read More…