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CMB Monday Seminar Full Schedule

This seminar series is designed to allow for more informal presentation and discussion of ongoing or recently completed studies by grad students, post-docs, faculty, staff, etc., with occasional visitors. The goal is to go through experiments in detail, not to give a "finished product" talk. We strive to provide a supportive environment for critically examining research prior to writing it up or presenting it in a more formal talk. We meet at 4pm on Mondays in the large conference room of 267 Cousteau.

Below is the CMB Monday Seminar schedule. If there is no name next to a specific day,  you are welcome to sign up to give a talk or lead a discussion. Email Clara McClenon (ccmcclenon@ucdavis.edu) to sign up for a specific slot.

Winter 2011

1/10 Weiwei Zhang

1/17- MLK Day, No seminar

1/24- Eve Isham

1/31 - Risa Sawaki

2/7- Carly Leonard

2/14 - Lisa Oakes

2/21- Presidents' Day, No seminar

2/28 - Grad Recruitment Day, No Seminar

3/7 - Kimron Shapiro (Bangor)

3/14- Jane Raymond (Bangor)

3/21 - Nancy Carlisle (Vanderbilt)

Spring 2011

3/28- Markus Neumann (Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena)

4/4 - CNS, No Monday Seminar

4/11 - CNS debriefing seminar

4/18 -

4/25 - Carly Leonard

5/2 - Todd Kelley

5/9 - VSS, No Monday Seminar

5/16 - VSS Debriefing Seminar

5/23 -

5/30 - Memorial Day, No Monday Seminar

6/6 - Nikolai Axmacher (University of Bonn)


 A record of previous seminars may be viewed here.