20th Anniversary Celebration and Symposium

image for anniversary celebration

Event Date

Vanderhoef Studio Theater, Mondavi Center

Discoveries in Mind and Brain


9:00 am         Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:20 am         Opening Remarks—Director Ron Mangun Introduces L & S Dean Atekwana

9:30-10:30     Session A: Gaining, Losing and Restoring Hearing and Language

Chair: Tamara Swaab

Katharine Graf Estes        Children’s Acquisition of Language
David Corina                    Deafness, Brain Implants and Plasticity
Lee Miller                        Hearing Loss, Age and Technological Advances

10:30-11:00   Coffee Break

11:00-12:30   Session B: Mapping Knowledge and Learning in the Mind

Chair: Paul Hastings

Simona Ghetti                  Imaging Learning in the Toddler Brain
Erie Boorman                   Learning and Building Mental Maps
Jack Lin                           Circuits for Learning and Memory
Petr Janata                      Musical Memory and Self

12:30-1:30     Lunch and Posters/Exhibits by Students (Vice Chancellor Keister joins lunch)

1:30-3:00       Session C: Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence

Chair: Kristin Lagattuta

Lindsay Bowman              Developing Social Intelligence
Yuko Munakata                The Rise of Executive Functions of the Mind
Amanda Guyer                 The Emotional Teenage Brain
Camelia Hostinar             How Stress Affects Cognition

3:00-3:30       Coffee Break

3:30-4:30       Session D: Perceiving and Attending in Real World Settings

Chair: John Henderson

Steven Luck                     Limits on Perception
Lisa Oakes                      Mapping Meaning in Perceptual Development
Joy Geng                         Perception in the Natural Environments


5:00 - 6:00  Public Lecture

Professor Amishi Jha, University of Miami (UCD Alumna)
Welcome by Dean Atekwana, and Introduction by Cliff Saron
 “Taming the Wandering Mind: The Science of Attention and Mindfulness”
(Note: Registration is not required for the Livestream). 

6:00-7:00       Wine and Cheese Reception (Sconyers Patio, Mondavi Center)

7:00-9:00       Banquet (by reservation; Yoche Dehe Grand Lobby, Mondavi Center)               

  1.  Remarks by Provost Mary Croughan
  2.  Acknowledgement Gazzaniga Prize winner, and Undergraduate Research Winners
  3.  Recognition of Philanthropic Gifts to the CMB


Out of town guests wishing to stay at the adjacent Hyatt Place UC Davis may reserve a room using this link