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Ashley Royston


  • University of California, Davis (PhD anticipated 2016)
  • University of Colorado, Denver (BA)
  • University of Denver (JD)
  • Colorado State University (BA)


While practicing law, Ashley joined Jim Grigsby's lab at the University of Colorado, Denver, as a research assistant. There, she used neuropsychological measures, genetic, and MRI data to study executive control and dysexecutive syndromes. As a PhD candidate in Ron Mangun's lab, Ashley is working on projects related to covert visual spatial- and feature-based attention using single and combined EEG/ERP, fMRI, and eye tracking techniques, as well as measures of physical exertion. Ashley is interested in employing simultaneous fMRI/EEG in humans, non-human primate imaging and electrophysiology, and psychophysical experiments as well as more real-world-like stimuli in working to integrate the methods and theories of cognitive and basic neurosciences into a broader understanding of the functional neuroanatomic bases of human cognition.