Steve Luck, Center for Mind & Brain

Steve Luck is a professor of psychology. His research focuses on the neural and cognitive mechanisms of attention and working memory in healthy young adults and dysfunctions of attention and working memory in psychiatric and neurological disorders. He is the director of the Center for Mind and Brain and co-founder of the ASPIRE program.

Much of Luck's research in his Laboratory for Basic and Translational Cognitive Neuroscience focuses on visual attention and visual working memory. His research on attention emphasizes the idea that attention is not a single mechanism, but is instead a type of mechanism that operates within different neurocognitive subsystems under different conditions.

Luck's research on working memory emphasizes the nature of working memory representations and the function of this memory system in real-world visually guided behavior. He also works to develop and promote Event Related Potential (ERP) methods. These efforts include a yearly 10-day NIH-funded ERP Boot Camp and the open-source ERPLAB Toolbox.

Learn more about Steve Luck at his faculty webpage.