Kristin H. Lagattuta, Center for Mind & Brain

Kristin Lagattuta is a professor of psychology who studies age-related changes and individual differences in children’s and adults’ emotion understanding, theory of mind, moral cognition, and past-to-future reasoning.

At her Mind-Emotion Development LabLagattuta investigates children’s and adults’ understanding of emotions and decisions caused by being reminded about past experiences or by anticipating future events, reasoning about causes of fear and worry and strategies that can help alleviate negative emotions, beliefs about the effects of emotions on thinking, knowledge about the influence of optimistic versus pessimistic thoughts and expectations on emotions and decisions, reasoning about mental diversity and common ground in interpretation, and heuristics and biases in social categorization. She further conducts research that bridges theory of mind, moral reasoning, and intergroup relations, including studies on beliefs about emotions, decisions, and obligation in willpower, transgression, and altruistic helping contexts.

Learn more about Kristin Lagattuta at her faculty webpage.