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Dr. Ron Mangun and Dr. Amanda Guyer: Welcome to the Center for Mind and Brain

The UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain is a campuswide initiative dedicated to investigating the human mind. Center directors Ron Mangun and Amanda Guyer introduce the center and its mission in this short video.




picture of Steve Luck

 Dr. Steve Luck: How the Mind Arises from the Brain

How does the mind arise from the interconnected neurons of the human brain? What is the nature of free will? How can we study how thoughts and emotions are formed and regulated within the human brain? In this 5-minute Overview of the research activites at the Center for Mind and Brain Dr. Steve Luck describes the remarkable, impactful multidisciplinary research under way in our facilities, and the discoveries that our scientists are making about the perceptive, emotional and intellectual functions and powers of the human brain.


Dr. Vince Clark: Brain Stimulation

In this 54-minute presentation Vince Clark, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of New Mexico, discusses Brain Stimulation and Cognitive Enhancement. He is director of UNM's Psychology Clinical Neuroscience Center, and also a professor of translational neuroscience with the Mind Research Network.

Dr. Evan Thompson: Science of Mindfulness

Evan Thompson, professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia, discusses Steps to an Embodied Cognitive Science of Mindfulness. He made this 28-minute presentation as part of the 2015 UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain research summit "Perspectives on Mindfulness: the Complex Role of Scientific Research" on May 21, 2015.