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Past Events - Center for Mind and Brain
CMB Monday Seminar - Nick DiQuattro
CMB Monday Seminar - Joy Geng
CMB Monday Seminar - Weiwei Zhang
Noisy Representation of Visual Working Memory
CMB Monday Seminar - Carly Leonard
CMB Monday Seminar - Mariam Aly
"The contributions of recollection and familiarity to immediate and long-term change detection"
CMB Monday Seminar - Farran Briggs
CMB Monday Seminar - Tom Campbell
CMB Monday Seminar - Chris Blais, University of California, Berkeley
"Neural evidence for item-specific performance monitoring and the role of strategy in proportion congruency effects."
CMB Monday Seminar - Karinna Hurley & Heidi Baumgartner
CMB Monday Seminar - Katharine Graf Estes
CMB Monday Seminar - Eric Clapham, University of Nevada, Reno
CMB Monday Seminar - Michael Cole, Washington University in St. Louis
"Network Mechanisms Underlying Flexibility in Prefrontal Cortex"
CMB Monday Seminar (Attention)- Javier Lopez-Caldron
CMB Monday Seminar (Methods)- Rene Scheeringa
Electrophysiological correlates of the human BOLD signal Simultaneous recording of hemodynamic and electrophysiological signals in monkeys and cats suggest that the hemodynamic effects observed with fMRI are a reflection are more tightly coupled to changes in local field potential activity than to spike rate changes. Especially gamma band activity was found to be tightly related to hemodynamic changes. The question arises whether these observations in animals also translate to the BOLD signal in humans during performance of cognitive tasks. In the work presented here we used simultaneous recorded EEG and fMRI to investigate how task related EEG power changes in different frequency bands (theta, alpha, beta and gamma power) relate to the changes in the BOLD signal.
CMB Monday Seminar - (Learning) Peter Mundy
Joint Attention, Distributed Cortical Processing and Learning
Exploring the Mind Speaker Series - Dr. Ed Smith, Columbia University
Different Kinds of Cognitive Control and Differential Breakdowns in Schizophrenia
CMB Monday Seminar (Vision)- Gerrit Maus
CANCELED: Exploring the Mind Speaker Series - Dr. Michael Kahana, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Associative Processes in Episodic Memory
CMB Monday Seminar (Deficits)- Organizational Meeting of R24 Center Grant
CMB Monday Seminar (Attention)- Mita Puri
CMB Monday Seminar (Methods)- Emily Kappenman
CMB Monday Seminar (Attention)- Risa Sawaki
Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying Modulation of Distractor Processing by Spatial Attention Salient distractors often capture our attention, even when they are irrelevant to ongoing activity. The findings of previous studies have led to diametrically opposed interpretations with respect to the nature of attentional capture. One suggests that attentional capture is a stimulus-driven, bottom-up phenomenon that is determined exclusively by the saliency of visual objects, whereas the other implies that top-down attentional set plays an important role in the control of attentional capture. We are investigating whether spatial attention is strongly associated with the bottom-up and top-down mechanisms of attentional capture. I will talk about the current experiment examining how target-similar and salient distractors are processed inside and outside attended zones of visual space.
CMB Monday Seminar (Vision)- Weiwei Zhang
Cognitive Neuroscience Poster Day
Poster presentations and Michael S. Gazzaniga Best Trainee Poster Prize (Reception to follow)
CMB Monday Seminar (Attention)- Speaker TBA
Exploring the Mind Speaker Series - Dr. Dale Purves, Duke University
Why We See What We Do: Exploring Vision Wholly in Empirical Terms
CMB Monday Seminar (Methods)- Rick Addante
CMB Monday Seminar (Attention)- Risa Sawaki
Exploring the Mind Speaker Series - Dr. Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, Univ. of Michigan
Training and Transfer of Executive Control: The Case of Interference Resolution
CMB Monday Seminar (Vision)- Jennifer Corbett