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Past Events - Center for Mind and Brain
CMB Monday Seminar: Dr. Joy Geng
CMB Monday Seminar Series 2017-2018
Mind and Brain Poster Day
Poster presentations and Michael S. Gazzaniga Best Trainee Poster Prize
Marina Bedny (Johns Hopkins University)
Nature and Nurture in Human Brain Development: Insight from Studies of Blindness
Donald Hoffman (UC Irvine)
The Interface Theory of Perception
CMB Summit Series
The UC Consortium on the Developmental Science of Adolescence
Jenny Saffran (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Building a Lexicon
Patricia Churchland (UC San Diego)
The Impact of Social Neuroscience on Moral Philosophy
Janet Werker (University of British Columbia)
Experience and Plasticity in Speech Perception Development
James Rehg (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Title TBA
Mind and Brain Poster Day
Poster presentations and Michael S. Gazzaniga Best Trainee Poster Prize
Eva Telzer (University of Illinois)
Redirecting Adolescent Reward Sensitivity to Promote Adaptive Decision Making
Northern California Consciousness Meeting
Christof Koch (Allen Institute for Brain Science)
The Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Progress and **Keynote presentation for the Northern California Consciousness Conference
Beatriz Luna (University of Pittsburgh)
The Emergence of Collaborative Brain Function Underlying Cognitive Development through Adolescence
Mara Mather (University of Southern California)
How Emotion Increases the Gain on Mental Activity: The Potential Role of Norepinephrine-Glutamate Hot Spots
Michael Silver (UC Berkeley)
Spatial Attention, Visual Perception, and Endogenous Brain Activity
Deanna Barch (Washington University in St. Louis)
Connectomics and Cognition - A Tale of Many Regions
Mind and Brain Poster Day
Poster presentations and Michael S. Gazzaniga Best Trainee Poster Prize
Daphne Maurer (McMaster University)
Critical Periods Re-examined: Evidence from Children Treated for Dense Cataracts
Gerry Altmann (University of Connecticut)
Representing Objects Across Time: Language - Mediated Event Representation
Adam Gazzaley (UC San Francisco)
Harnessing Neuroplasticity of the Older Brain to Enhance Cognition
Jean Decety (University of Chicago)
The Neuroscience of Early Moral Sensitivity
Jonathan Schooler (UC Santa Barbara)
The Middle Way: Finding the Balance between Mindfulness and Mindwandering
Peter Tse (Dartmouth University).
Chunking of Visual Features in Space and Time: Behavioral and Neuronal Mechanisms
Integrative Moral Cognition: Hume's Journey in Reverse
Joshua Greene, Harvard University
Developing Inhibitory Control
Yuko Munakata, University of Colorado, Boulder
Mind and Brain Poster Day
Poster Presentations and Michael S. Gazzaniga Best Trainee Poster Prize
An Electrophysiological Perspective on Language Comprehension with an Emphasis on Prediction, Plausibility and Semantic Memory
Marta Kutas, UC San Diego
Towards fMRI-based Biomarkers for Pain and Emotion
Tor Wager, University of Colorado, Boulder
Neurobiology of Socioeconomic Health Disparities
Peter Gianaros, University of Pittsburgh