Directions from the UC Davis Campus by car or bike

The Center for Mind and Brain is an easy commute by car or bicycle from the UC Davis campus and from downtown Davis.

Route from UC Davis campus to Center for Mind and Brain

    • Take Russell Boulevard/Fifth Street eastbound (through downtown Davis), and continue for about 1.8 miles
    • Pass the Police Department and turn right (southbound) on Peña Drive (intersection with traffic signal)
    • At the stop sign, turn left (eastbound) onto Second Street and proceed 0.2 mile
    • At Cousteau Place, turn left


Second Street eastbound

View eastbound along Second Street, approaching Cousteau Place


View northbound on Cousteau Place; turn right at first driveway for 202 Cousteau


View northbound on Cousteau Place; turn left at last driveway for 267 Cousteau

Mace Ranch biz park satellite 400x400.png

Satellite view of CMB facilities on Cousteau Place