Auditory Neurophysiology Lab (Shahin)

The Laboratory of Auditory Neurophysiology and Development (LAND), which Dr. Antoine Shahin oversees, applies behavioral and neuroimaging studies to determine how the brain processes and perceives spoken language.

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Research Topics

Speech Reading

Researchers in our lab study how people compensate for hearing impairments or augment degraded speech in noisy environments by merging visual and auditory information in the brain. Our research methodologies incorporate Audiovisual Psychometrics, EEG and fMRI.


Age-Related Changes in Perception of Speech

We study how hearing and the perception of spoken language develop from childhood to adulthood. Researchers engaged in this project hope that improved understanding of changes in the neurophysiology of auditory processing as we mature ultimately can contribute to improvements in the lives of children who experience learning and/or hearing deficits.


Augmented Hearing

By studying individuals who use hearing aids and cochlear implants, we aim to better understand the brain mechanisms that reconstruct degraded speech. We are investigating how this ability to compensate for unintelligibility may interact with advancements in hearing technology.