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Steven J. Luck

Steven J. Luck


Professor, Psychology

267 Cousteau Pl., Room 109
Davis , California 95618
Office Phone: 530-297-4424


  1. PhD (UCSD)


Dr. Luck's research focuses on the neural and cognitive mechanisms of attention and working memory in healthy young adults and dysfunctions of attention and working memory in psychiatric and neurological disorders. He also works to develop and promote ERP methods, including a yearly 10-day NIH-funded summer workshop (the ERP Boot Camp) and an open-source Matlab toolbox (ERPLAB Toolbox).
Laboratory for Basic and Translational Cognitive Neuroscience
File Curriculum Vita
View and download publications
The ERP Boot Camp
ERP training workshops at UC Davis and elsewhere
ERPLAB Toolbox
A freely available, open source Matlab toolbox for ERP data analysis
Educational Materials for ERPs
Assorted materials for teaching about ERPs, including the PowerPoint files for the ERP Boot Camp lectures
An Introduction to the Event-Related Potential Technique (2nd Edition)
A monograph on ERP methods published by MIT Press
Mandarin translation of An Introduction the the Event-Related Potential Technique
The Oxford Handbook of ERP Components
An edited volume with chapters on all the major ERP components by leading researchers
Visual Memory
A volume of essays on visual memory by leading experts in the field (edited by Steven J. Luck and Andrew Hollingworth)
Video describing live-online hybrid version of PSC100Y Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
This video provides a brief overview of a course that uses a new approach to college teaching, in which the lectures are delivered as a series of 5-minute YouTube videos, giving the instructor time to have weekly small-group discussion meetings with the students. This leads to both enhanced learning and greater student satisfaction.
Example subunit from a hybrid course
This example shows what a subunit on memory looks like.