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Clifford Saron

Clifford Saron

Research Scientist

Room 149 267 Cousteau Pl.
Davis , California 95618
Office Phone: 415-307-9757


  1. PhD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)


My work centers on two broad areas. The first is focused on the training of attention and emotion regulation through contemplative practice. Our main project here is known as “The Shamatha Project” a large-scale collaborative and multimethod longitudinal study of the effects of intensive meditation training. We use qualitative, self-report, behavioral, electrophysiological, and biochemical measures to begin to elucidate the many levels of personal and physiological change that accompany such training. My second research area concerns sensory processing, multisensory integration, and interhemispheric communication in children with autism spectrum disorders. In collaboration with colleagues at the CMB and M.I.N.D. Institute we are using sensitive behavioral measures, eye tracking, and dense channel array event-related potentials to investigate possible deficits in these low-level processes which likely contribute to the complex phenotype of autism.

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Saron Lab
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Center for Mind and Brain

267 Cousteau Place
Davis, CA 95618

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