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Petr Janata

Petr Janata



267 Cousteau Pl., Room 153
Davis , California 95618
Office Phone: 530-297-4471


  1. PhD (University of Oregon)


Dr. Janata is interested in how basic neural systems that underlie perception, attention, memory, action, and emotion interact in the context of natural behaviors, with an emphasis on music. Current projects use musical stimuli and tasks to examine the degree to which mental processes underlying expectancy and imagery are functionally homologous, to examine selective attention processes underlying auditory scene analysis, and to map the cortical representation of musical structures that implicitly guide our perception of music. His lab uses behavioral, functional neuroimaging (EEG/ERP, fMRI), and computational modeling techniques as needed.

Research Interests:

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Center for Mind and Brain

267 Cousteau Place
Davis, CA 95618

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