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The Center for Mind and Brain is a UC Davis research initiative bringing together world-class scientists with the latest technology to learn how the human mind works and to teach the techniques and tools to the next generation of researchers. We are part of a rich set of interconnected centers and institutes at UC Davis focusing on Mind and Brain.

what we dowho we areOur core research areas include:

•    attention and visual cognition
•    audio-visual integration
•    music
•    language and neurolinguistics
•    cognitive and neurocognitive development
•    disorders of mind and brainlearnparticipate
•    short-term and long-term memory

Some of our current research applications include:

•    effects of meditation on the mind and brain
•    interplay between music and memory
•    how children with autism and Fragile X process information
•    development of morality in children
•    neurobiology of sign languages
•    memory in infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age
•    effects of aging and Alzheimer's Disease on the brain

The CMB hosted a Summit on October 15-16, 2015, which focussed on "Nutrition and the Developing Mind."  Details are available here.




Mindfulness Summit Graphic

The CMB hosted a Summit entitled "Perspectives on Mindfulness" on May 21, 2015. It featured leading scholars from multiple disciplines discussing the relationship between science and mindfulness.  Videos of the lectures are available on YouTube.


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The CMB hosted a Summit on Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on September 5, 2013. It featured the world's leading tDCS researchers talking about state-of-the-art brain stimulation techniques.  Videos of the lectures are available on iTunesU.




CMB BuildingWe are the home of internationally recognized research training programs, including the NIMH Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience and the UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp.

Center for Mind and Brain

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