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Exploring the Mind Speaker Series - Ken Paller, Northwestern University

Exploring the Mind Speaker Series 2017-2018

Dec 01, 2017
from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM

267 Cousteau Place

Dr. Ken Paller, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Program at Northwestern University, will give a special seminar titled "Hacking into Sleep to Enhance Learning".

**Please note the special time**



Most learning takes hold gradually and requires practice (memory reactivation), which need not be intentional. Recent findings suggest that memory reactivation during sleep supports memory consolidation and enduring long-term storage. In particular, Targeted Memory Reactivation (TMR) with subtle sensory stimulation can modify neural activity while avoiding arousal from sleep. Sounds associated with learning can be presented again during slow-wave sleep to promote memory reactivation. TMR can thus systematically and selectively enhance learning, including learning of object-location associations, verbal associations, skills, and habits. Recordings of brain oscillations during sleep can provide evidence about relevant neurophysiological mechanisms, and in this way elucidate critical contributions of sleep to memory consolidation. Furthermore, the TMR approach offers new opportunities for reinforcing learning offline during the many hours we spend sleeping.