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CMB Monday Seminar - Eric Clapham, University of Nevada, Reno

Jan 25, 2010
from 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM

267 Cousteau Place, Large Conference Room

Object Processing Under Conditions of Limited Awareness

Of all the information entering the visual system only a small portion gets
consciously perceived. What happens to the information that is not actively
being processed? There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that this
information is also being processed, at least on some level. We are beginning
to gain a better understanding of how this information can aid in decision
making and information processing occurring at a latter time. This seminar will
discuss some research that will help elucidate the nature of nonconscious
processing and specifically its role in simple decision making. Furthermore,
direct comparisons of how these effects differ from those that occur when
information is consciously perceived will be discussed.

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