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CMB Monday Seminar (Attention)- Risa Sawaki

Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying Modulation of Distractor Processing by Spatial Attention Salient distractors often capture our attention, even when they are irrelevant to ongoing activity. The findings of previous studies have led to diametrically opposed interpretations with respect to the nature of attentional capture. One suggests that attentional capture is a stimulus-driven, bottom-up phenomenon that is determined exclusively by the saliency of visual objects, whereas the other implies that top-down attentional set plays an important role in the control of attentional capture. We are investigating whether spatial attention is strongly associated with the bottom-up and top-down mechanisms of attentional capture. I will talk about the current experiment examining how target-similar and salient distractors are processed inside and outside attended zones of visual space.

Apr 06, 2009
from 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM

267 Cousteau Pl, Large Conference Room

The CMB Monday Seminar is a forum for presenting ongoing and recent research projects, along with other things of interest. We will rotate among 4 different broad and partially overlapping topics: 1) Methods (mainly ERPs, but also others); 2) Vision (broadly construed); 3) Attention and related cognitive processes; 4) Disorders of Cognition (mainly schizophrenia). Most of the seminars will be presentations of ongoing or recently completed studies by grad students, postdocs, faculty, etc., with occasional visitors.  The goal will be to go through experiments in detail, not to give a "finished product" talk and to provide a supportive environment for critically examining the research prior to writing it up or presenting it in a more formal talk.

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