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Britta Hahn Talk

Jun 08, 2007
from 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM

CMB Large Conference Room

“Attention, nicotine, and the default network of resting brain function”

Dr. Britta Hahn


Friday, June 8th, 2007

Center for Mind and Brain

Large Conference Room

10:45am - 11:45am

Abstract: In this talk, I will present the results of several fMRI studies designed to dissociate different processes of visuospatial attention and to characterize the effects of nicotine thereon. Employing parametric manipulation of bottom-up and top-down processes of attentional resource allocation, distinct networks of brain regions were identified as being engaged by these functions. Nicotine improved attentional performance and induced or enhanced deactivation in neuroanatomical structures that are part of the so-called “default” network of resting brain function. These regions typically deactivate with the onset of external task demands and are thought to be continuously active in the absence of specific goal-directed activity, maintaining task-independent thought processes. Greater default deactivations were associated with greater performance effects of nicotine. Nicotine may facilitate the shift from task-independent thought to externally oriented signal processing. Controls for possible direct neurovascular effects of nicotine were performed.

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